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Welcome to Lamicolor

At Laminate Innovations we pride ourselves on having the latest colour trends and surface structures from throughout Europe. Distinctive colours and surfaces allow you to Touch and Feel The difference when selecting for all types of specification applications...

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Did you Know all our High Pressure Laminates are Chemically Resistant and qualify with a Group 1 Fire Rating Qualification.

At Lamicolor, we believe it's COOL TO BE GREEN, that's why all our product ranges, including laminated sheets for benchtops and more, come with the Green Building Council of Italia and the Der Blaue Engel of Germany Seals of Approval. Lamicolor Internationally also has one of the lowest Emmisions of Formaldehyde which is less than 10 parts per billion making it an industry leader when it comes to the manufacture of high pressure laminate products. We also carry all ISO/EN Standards, which in most instances exceed the Australian Standards.

We're proud to be a laminate supplier that not only provides laminate in the latest European colour trends, but that these quality laminated sheets are also manufactured in a way that's better for the world we live in. The next time you're looking for laminated sheets to be used in your home or office, remember that beautiful, quality laminate can also be green. Experience the difference when you choose Lamicolor as your suppliers of laminate sheets.    

      Specifying a project outside of Australia? Lamicolor now distributes to New Zealand and Fiji. Please contact us if you wish to discuss a particular project for these Regions.

In case you weren't aware, Lamicolor can also press all our High Pressure Laminates onto a variety of Substrates. The standard substrate we use is 16mm E0 Moisture Resistant MDF either single or double sided depending on the application. We have the ability to press up to 300 sheets per day with the majority of items delivered to the customer within 1-3 working days depending whether local or interstate. This therefore eliminates any previous issues that might have traditionally risen in finding someone to press the Laminate onto a variety of substrate boards.

When it comes to laminate, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji now have access to the latest surfaces and colours found throughout homes and offices in Europe. Choose Lamicolor as your laminate suppliers and you will see and feel the difference.

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